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RunIowa Ep. 115 - Mindfulness

Team Yanni or Laurel? In this episode, we talk about being selfish, selfless, and how the mind plays tricks on runners. Deep stuff today. We also talk about one of our own coaches recieving an national Brooks Inspiring Coach award and Dave has a race for you to think about supporting. Thanks for subscribing, being awesome, and connecting on all of our social media channels and at RunIowa.Org.


RunIowa Ep. 114 - Rik Zortman “Human Etch-A-Sketch”

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the RunIowa Podcast. In this episode, Dave reviews his Solomon waterproof trail shoes he plans on wearing in Iceland (yup) and Rob talks with "Human Etch-A-Sketch" Rik Zortman about his healing after the loss of his son and the plan for raising awareness of pediatric cancer. Rik is doing amazing things, you don't want to miss this interview.

As always, thank you for listening, subscribing, being awesome, and being the best podcast running community in Iowa (and beyond)!


RunIowa Ep. 113 - Eldon Warner

In this episode of the RunIowa podcast, Rob reviews his CompeteCrate subscription box items (check out the unboxing at, we talk with one of our former students and current University of South Dakota student-athletes Eldon Warner about the transition from high school to college athletics (and more), and a new segment: things we've just recently learned (to be named later). One more sidenote (for good luck). Thanks for subscribing and being awesome!


RunIowa Ep. 112 - Beer, Whiskey, and Bourbon (oh my)!

Hello all of you great listeners! Looking for good beer in Iowa? Look no further than our sponsor this month,, to find the calendar of brewery events, blog posts, and t-shirts. And for the most current updates follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @IowaHasGoodBeer.


In this episode, Dave and Rob review their StrideBox (as seen in our unboxing video), Rob finds out just how much he doesn't know about Dave's bourbon knowledge, and our Dam Of the Weeks! 


Thanks for listening, subscribing, and being all around good people! 


RunIowa Ep. 111 - Traveling, Ultras, and Planking (oh my)

After a short hiatus, Rob and Dave are back! 

Looking for good beer in Iowa?  Look no further than, to find the calendar of brewery events, blog posts, and t-shirts.  And for the most current updates follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @IowaHasGoodBeer.
In this episode we talk about running and traveling, ultrarunning and crewing, and planking. Check out our website for show information and more!

RunIowa Ep. 110 - Molly Sheridan

What a cool episode... really! We review RuffRd mens running shorts (and their Windsert technology), we speak with Ultramarathoner Molly Sheridan (the first American woman to attempt and complete La Ultra-The High ultra-marathon, a 138-mile non-stop footrace in the Himalayas), and of the weeks! Thanks for hanging with us. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and at (order a stocking cap because it's cold!). 

Also check out our Unboxing of our StrideBox on YouTube.


RunIowa Ep. 109 - Kevin Lewis

We're back for 2018! Awww shucks, we missed you, too. We have a new episode with a review of a couple of running documentaries. We talk with Kevin Lewis (formerly of U of I and now with USATF Minnesota), and of the weeks! Keep in contact!


RunIowa Ep. 108 - Jodi Semonell

We're back. This is our final podcast of 2017, so make sure you check it out all of the way til the end. We talk "Iowa" gifts for the ones you love, we speak with 3-time winner of the Hitchcock 100 Experience Jodi Semonell, and our of the weeks! Thanks for subscribing and being awesome! We'd love to hear from you, so connect on social media Facebook, Twitter, and where ever else you can find us!


RunIowa Ep. 107 - Brad Dains

Happy Thanksgiving! We talk a lot about our foods and traditions (and running) on Turkey Day. We also have Brad Dains on to talk about a whole lot of topics including his RD days at Sycamore 8, pacing an ultra, and more! PS - Brad is awesome! And our of the weeks include a FREE turkey trot and tips for running in the holiday race. Find info at and if you need a stocking cap for your cold weather runs, you can find them at our site!


RunIowa Ep. 106 - Angie Maske-Berka

It's that time of the year when the leaves turn colors, the wind gets chillier, and the running gets awesome-r (at least for me)! In this episode we talk about gift-giving ideas for the runners in your life (and yourself), we speak with Angie Maske-Berka about a ton of different topics (including the Hawkeyes and BibRave and Marathang), and our Of the Weeks including strange tips for runners! Thanks for being the best listeners we've ever had! Connect with us at! It's a hoot!